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Quality > Quantity

This blog is aimed at sparing you the time to browse hundreds of netlabel and artist
sites all the time. I’m going to do that for you and I’ll make a careful selection of only
the best, so that you can also save some space on your harddrives.

Electronic Nightmare was born as an online radio show in 2k6 and lasted until early
2k11, when the station had to shut its doors. From the beginning, its aim was to share
great free music with people all over the world and so I continued posting fresh stuff
from the genres of IDM, Industrial, Digital Hardcore, Breakcore and Gabber even
after the show itself was gone.

Just like the radio show, this site hasn’t ever, is currently not and never will be promoting
questionable content, especially from the right wing spectrum and war fanatics. I don’t
think ‘provoking’ people by wearing nazi-uniforms is funny and most certainly it’s not
cool either, neither do I wish to encourage ‘Old Europe’ or ‘Hate is Art’ ideals. Therefore,
Martial Industrial, Harsh Noise, Neo Folk and other rubbish are forever banned from this site.

That being said, I hope you enjoy your stay!