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Mixed Styles – new arrivals march 2k13

Laf-O – Lost And Fuct-Over [2013 D-Trash Records]

01 Rezurektion
02 Interfering Clerk
03 Cut-Up Misia Stuffed With Razorz
04 Not Even A Minute
05 Disagreeable Aftermeth
06 Day And Night With A Murder Of Crows
07 The Monster Was Me
08 Funk You DJ
09 Spedfake
10 Not This Fucking Time
11 Dykeside Of The Lesbian Bodyguard
12 Day And Night With A Murder Of Crows (Original Mix)


Stiverson – Bumba Godz EP [2013 Sirona Records]

01 Mbombo
02 Switching turff
03 3 Cell phones
04 Bomber man
05 Zdrasti


Schizoid – The Remixed Extremes [2013 D-Trash Records]

01 The Next Extreme (Canadian Extremity Remix by Schizoid)
02 Out Of Reach (Indie Remix by Evestus)
03 Pained (Remix by Dirty Fingers Licked)
04 Real Evil (Remix by Ambassador21)
05 Physical Is The Illusion (Phyisicillusion Remix by Not Half)
06 Nothing But The Same (Remix by Tuareg Geeks)
07 Fret, Regret (Remix by Needle Factory)
08 Mainstream Underground (M41nstr4m Underground Remix by Robot(A))
09 Another Go (Thrashcore Remix by The First Seed)
10 Epitaph (Kill All Humans Remix by Heartworm)
11 Life Is Struggle (Metal_nose_love Remix by Hyperdriver)
12 Slaviour Saves (Sharer Trooms Remix by Junkie Kut)
13 Promise Of The End (Tsunami Killcore Remix by FFT Error)
14 Something To Look Forward To (666 Mix by Midi Fister)
15 Final Descent (Drugzoid Remix by Drugzilla)
16 The Last Extreme (Quantum Mix by Famine)
17 The Next Extreme (Crunch Mix by Vinyl Vandal)
18 Physical Is The Illusion (Remix by Noize Punishment)
19 The Last Extreme (Last Xtreme Remix by Waste Merchants)
20 Real Evil (Remix by Insanedomain)


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