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Well… today I somehow feel like going on your nerves with some stuff that’s totally unrelated to any kind of ‘electronic’ music, but it’s still DAMN good AND totally free… I’m quite happy that some bands still think and act this way, so I’ll just go ahead and promote them a little (ha… ha… with the 3 people actually reading this, this couldn’t possibly be called promotion in any way)….

Anyways… here they are… more than worth to be listened!

Punishable Act – Unbreakable Spirit (Dogs Of Hardcore) [2011 – Oldschool Hardcore Punk]

01. Moment Of Truth
02. My Definition
03. March Of The P.sycho A.rmy
04. Dogs Of Hardcore
05. When We Go
06. Provocation
07. All I Want
08. The Better Way
09. We Will Be
10. Break Your Silence
11. It’s Up To You
12. Unbreakable Spirit


Skalo – Ke Harías Tú? [2010 – Ska-Punk/Ska-Core]

01. Ke Harías Tu? (feat. Deb)
02. Kimera (feat. Kurado)
03. Ese Eres Tu / Odio De Metal
04. Kontigo
05. Mi Verdad (feat. Ska-P)
06. Nicte (feat. Boikot)
07. Broma Pesada
08. Ven (feat. Alimaña HC)
09. Blanko
10. Panzones
11. Promesa

More free releases can be found on their facebook pace


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